Our Mission

Beyond Decor creates one of a kind rentals, largely from up-cycled or discarded furniture. We encourage our clients to rent and not buy as the environmentally-friendly option. We shop secondhand and salvage for materials, buying as little new stuff as possible. You can depend on Beyond Decor to carry all of the staples and conveniences of larger rental companies. We also offer a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE! By renting through Beyond Decor, our clients are giving back to the community by supporting a small local business and consciously using their events as a platform to lessen contributions to landfills. Our mission is to make an impact on our beloved planet, one event at a time. 


Our Commitment to You

Have you heard horror stories about high replacement costs with other rental companies? Do you have friends who received an unexpected bill for missing or damaged rentals after their event? We have over 8 years of experience in the events industry, and we understand that accidents happen. Our goal is to be transparent and up-front about our replacement policies and have worked hard to ensure that our replacement costs can be as low as $1.10* for many of our most popular items! So, budget with confidence because we care about the things that you care about. 

*(versus the industry standard of $6-$15 for similar items)

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Together we can make a difference.

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