Truly Unique Party Themes

At French Events, we're here to help you plan the perfect event. We know that picking a unique theme can be challenging. Our little one loves dinosaurs. But, we don't want to throw a repetitive dino party six years in a row! And, don't you know, like, five people who have thrown a unicorn party recently? How about llamas? Avengers?

Tired of the same ole same ole? Birthdays, baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and gender reveals are a time to make believe, do something outlandish, special, over the top and totally new! Where do you turn for unique inspiration? Now you can turn to us!

Here's Mallory's top picks for unique themes, fun for kids and adults alike!

1) Roaring 20's

- 2020 is just around the corner. Let's bring back that Gatsby glam for a fun, flapper-inspired theme.

2) Carnival/Circus

- Our French Events ticket booth sets the stage from the moment your guests arrive. Welcome your friends to "the Big Top" for an unforgettable day.

3) Movie Night

- From popcorn carts to our 200 inch movie and gaming screen, pick your favorite movie and let's party!

4) Ladies Who Tiki

- Tiki parties are always in style and perfect for a summer luau.

5) Wild Wild West

- Does it get much more West or Wild than California? Let us set the stage for a showdown with rustic reclaimed wood and farmhouse fantasy.

6) Somebunny is __

- Is there anything cuter than fluffy bunnies, pastels, and a tea party? Have a bunny themed garden party perfect for Spring.

7) Vegas Baby

- Who doesn't love a little Roulette, Black Jack, or Poker; slot machines and dealers hats, plastic palm trees and desert air? What happens in Vegas...can be your best party yet.

8) Golden State

- From the Warriors to Hollywood, celebrate the great state of California in your own way.

9) Glow in the Dark

- With millions of ways to light up the night, make sure to add our glowing spheres to your glow sticks for a party worthy of an all-nighter.

10) Cacti and Succulents

- Plant ladies are the new cat ladies, so what better way to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us than by bringing in native plants like cacti and succulents? Ask about our succulent boxes.

11) Lawn Games

- A great addition to any party and a party all by themselves, lawn games attract young and old to play together.

12) Peaches and Cream

- For a summer bash, consider decking out in peach and white. From yummy peach beverages to refreshing peach ice cream, stay cool with this cute theme.

13) Moon Landing

- Did you know that this year (2019) marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing? Throw an out of this world party to celebrate!

14) Kentucky Derby

- Love horses and big hats? Then we'd place our bets that a Kentucky Derby party (complete with mint juleps) is just what you need.

15) LARP (Live Action Role Play)

- Have kids (or adult kids) who just want to dress up as their favorite hero? Turn fantasy into a reality with this unreal theme.

16) Paris is Always a Good Idea

- We wouldn't be "French Events" without pitching Paris. Celebrate the city of love (and food) for une bonne nuit.

17) POP Art

- Make your party POP with inspiration from artists like Warhol and Liechtenstein. Add popcorn for irony and you're all set! This is a classy and unique way to play up a comic book feel.

18) Bee Kind

- Whether your family is a fan of local honey or "Queen B" (Beyonce) herself, you've got a cute tie-in to throw a beeeutiful party that is sure to bee all the buzz.

19) How Sweet It Is

- We do love our sweets. Include our donut wall and apothecary jars to artfully display sweet treats. From lollipops to ice cream, cake pops to donuts, it is so sweet to celebrate.

20) Pajama Party

- Get cozy for your next celebration because who doesn't love an excuse to dress down for a party? Set the vibe for great moods and comfy moves before you catch some zzzzz's.

21) Under the Sea

- There are so many ways to celebrate the Sea. From the Little Mermaid to a nautical night, we live in the Bay Area, so party like pirates.

22) Safari

- A close encounter with a big cat and a hard hat is tough to beat. Bring in the Bay Area's naturally tropical plants (like the fan palm) to help set the mood for a night on the Sahara.

23) Mardi Gras/Who Do Voodoo

- No one parties like the South and in New Orleans, they do it even better. Feature fun floats, plastic beads, and beignets for "French Events" done the Southern way.

24) Mad Hatter

- Treat your guests to Wonderland where everyone is a little "mad". Try a tea party with a trip through the looking glass for a party theme with endless possibilities to use your imagination.

25) Taco Bout It

- Everyone loves a good taco bar (which is the perfect food for a party, in our opinion). Add a Margarita machine and some serape table coverings for a fiesta that's sure to please.

26) Sunday Sundaes

- Sundaes take the scoop. Get an outrageous container like our beverage tubs or even a rain gutter purchased from any home improvement store to create the biggest Sundae your friends have ever seen! Like taco bars, Sundaes are party friendly because everyone gets to pick their own toppings.

27) Mascarade Ball

- Give your friends a night to remember with a chic mascarade ball complete with mystic and glitter.

28) A Bug's Life

- Showcase the incredible life of insects in so many ways with cute buggy details and polka dot decorations. Ant Farms and butterfly-friendly plant seeds make great parting gifts!

29) S'more for You?

- Is there anything better than a night around the camp fire, toasting marshmallows and exchanging stories? We didn't think so. Include our s'mores bar to bring the outdoors in!

30) Paint and ______

Paint and sip, paint and puff, or paint and party! We love an opportunity for guests to show off their creative sides while you socialize. A piece your party will be hung on everyone's walls for years to come!

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